Online learning will finish early for all Glenroy College students on Tuesday (31 August) next week.

All scheduled online classes will end at noon. Glenroy College students are encouraged to use the afternoon to finish any incomplete classroom tasks or for further study.

Students who are up-to-date with all their work are encouraged to use the time to take a break from their screens and try something else instead.

Put the screens away and try these instead

Here are some ideas for screen-free ways to spend the afternoon if you have finished your schoolwork.

  • Grab a book, a pillow and your favourite snack and read outside.
  • Go for a walk or run around your neighbourhood. But don’t forget your mask.
  • Bake some biscuits for an afternoon treat. Try this easy jam cookie recipe or use one that you’ve learnt at school.
  • Practise your basketball, soccer, footy or cricket skills in the backyard.
  • Try some yoga or meditation.
  • Listen to your favourite music to unwind. Or pump up the sound and dance.
  • Pull out an old board game or deck of cards and play with your siblings.
  • Tidy your room and find your overdue library books!

Online learning resumes 1 September

Online learning will resume as normal on Wednesday, 1 September, for the duration of the covid lockdown. At this stage it is expected the lockdown will end on 2 September. We will keep you informed about any updates from the State Government if the lockdown is extended past this date..