Glenroy College students can now skip the busy canteen queue and order their lunches online!

Online canteen ordering via the Qkr! for Schools app begins when the College reopens to all students from Wednesday. November 3, next week.

All the same delicious lunch and snack options from the popular Glenroy College canteen, including the mouth-watering parma rolls and pizza slices, are available to order in the app.

Families can download the app for Apple or Android and create an account for each student enrolled at Glenroy College.

Less time to queue, more time to eat!

One of our friendly canteen ladies hard at work preparing delicious lunches for the Glenroy College lunch rush.

The online ordering system will reduce congestion in the canteen because collecting lunches will be faster and easier. It also helps keep students at a safer distance from each other while Covid-19 is still present in the community.

Students who preorder lunch will get priority pick-up to collect their food at the canteen from noon.

For students, it means no more lost lunch money or long waits in lunch queue. It also means more time to eat, mix with their friends outside and take a break between classes.

Same delicious Glenroy College canteen menu

All our students’ favourite lunch options and snacks will be available in the app, including chicken burgers, parma rolls, pizza, kebabs, sandwiches, pasta and the canteen’s popular special meal deals.

Students can make a one-off lunch order or set up lunch orders for each week – it’s all up to you.

Detailed instructions for setting up the Qkr! app are in the instruction sheet below. You must link a credit card to the app to order lunch online.

No credit card? No problem!

Families who don’t have a credit card or online access can still preorder lunch using cash in the morning before school starts. Students can come to the canteen before classes begin to order and pay for their lunch. They will get a numbered ticket and can join the express queue to collect their order when the lunch bell sounds at noon.