Glenroy College, get ready to meet your student leaders for 2022.

These students have been chosen to represent their peers – and their school – because they embody all the values and principles held at Glenroy College. These include the school values of respect, teamwork, achievement and integrity.

There are six College captains chosen from senior school ranks as well as 14 senior class captains and 24 junior class captains. Keep on reading to see a list of all the students selected for leadership roles at Glenroy College in 2022.

Meet your senior leaders

Glenroy College senior captains meet Education Minister James Merlino

Senior Sub School leader Paulo de Silva said the 20 senior students chosen as captains and level leaders were all “excellent” role models for their peers.

Amongst other duties and responsibilities, the captains represent Glenroy College at community events, give presentations at assemblies and play a role in welcoming special visitors to the school such as during the recent visit by Education Minister James Merlino (pictured above). They also act as advocates for the other students in each year level and across the entire College.

“These students represent the beliefs and values of Glenroy College by promoting our college’s vision and values to each other and our community,” Mr da Silva said.

“Our captains have been selected for this role because of their leadership skills, commitment to our school values and positive commitment to learning; they are the standard to which other students can aspire to.”

All the senior student leaders

School captains: Mariam Elhawli and Hashir Hameedi

Vice captain: Trent Enright

Year 10 captains: Aya Yehia and Alishba Tauseef

Year 11 captains: Natasha Tarallo and Maykl Habeeb

Year 12 VCE captain: Ali Khaled

Year 12 VCAL captains: Evana Toma and Mahmoud Chaker

Year 12 VCAL vice captain: Ayoub Hamie

Year 10 community leader

Kenth Fernandez

Zena Arjan

Sailesh Gautam

Angus Simons-Woods

Year 11 community leaders:

Kayla Harrison

Ekrem Gulsem

Teejay Thomas

Jouri Odicho

Ibrahim Taha

Meet your junior leaders

Junior Sub School leader Andrew Lewis said the 24 junior school class leaders were also chosen because they personified the school values.

“Class Captains are an important tool to help develop the leadership skills of some of the College’s youngest students. These select few were nominated and elected by their peers to enable student voice and agency.” Mr Lewis said.

“I know they will do their absolute best to exemplify the College values to represent themselves, their families and the College itself.”

All the junior student leaders

Year 7:

Timur Alkan

Mohammed Moustafa

Taha Guler

Mya Hammoud

David Calnan

Ahmad Al Sayednour

Ali El-Kassar

Raffy Omar

Year 8:

Yusuf Malik

Mohamed Mahmoud

Gus Assaad

Amelia El-Cheikh Ibrahim

Humza Moustafa

Abdul Saraya

Adam El-Kassar

Ezrah Niko-Schmidt

Year 9:

Foster Wright

Saja Ali

Ryan Taylor

Rayann El Hawli

Ahmed Taleb

Diparshan Neupane

Mahmoud Taha

Abdul Nasser Merhi

Congratulations from the Principal

Glenroy College Principal Graham Stevenson congratulated all the students on their leadership appointments.

“I look forward to working with these students throughout the year,” Mr Stevenson said. “Each of them has already demonstrated an admirable commitment to upholding our school values and should feel very proud of this achievement. Being a school leader is an important role and one that is an honour and a privilege. Well done.”