School life took a sweet twist for Glenroy College VCAL students this term when a crack cooking team of Year 11 students from the College’s VCAL program took over the Food Technology kitchen to get their bake on.

Students spent hours measuring, sifting, mixing and baking a stack of sugary treats, including chocolate crackles, honey joys, brownies and icing-topped cupcakes to sell to their schoolmates.

Others commandeered the coffee machine in the cafe to whip up hot chocolates and lattes to accompany the sweet treats. Their aim? To raise money for homeless charity 300 Blankets.

The sweet smell of success

Hungry students flocked the the College’s cafe space at lunchtime with coins in hand to snap up a baked treat, with most of the goodies selling out within minutes.

Year 11 student Dawud Taha said the day was a success. He said the students had spent hours coordinating the event in the lead-up to the day, even researching and testing recipes to make sure they were easy to make and would taste good too.

“Our whole class was really pleased with what we had done,” Dawud said. “Next time. we’ll have to make a lot more.”

Chipping in for charity

Students also paid a gold coin to come to school in casual clothes for the day. Dawud said the event raised a total of $360 for 300 Blankets.

“It was a nice feeling, to be able to do this to help other people,” he said. “We’d really like to do something like this again.”

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