A group of Glenroy College students have just received the best learning boost – their own laptops – thanks to a very generous donation from Sydney-based company Scientia Clinical Research.

Glenroy College received 17 HP laptops from Scientia, a government-sponsored medical research company based in Sydney’s hospital precinct, to distribute to deserving students.

Helping students reach their goals

Kristine Nelson, Year 8 Level Leader and long-time College teacher, said the surprise donation was especially welcome because access to technology is crucial to modern learning, but many Glenroy families struggle to provide laptops for their secondary schoolers.

Ms Nelson’s sister Lisa, is the chief executive of Scientia. Ms Nelson said the company was updating its laptops and wanted the equipment to go to where it would make a difference.

“Lisa is very aware of the circumstances of many of the families at our school. She knows that many of them are doing it tough and she feels, like I do, that providing our kids with the equipment they need is a good way to help chip away at that disadvantage,” Ms Kristine Nelson said.

“Something like this can really help students at Glenroy College reach their learning potential. Little things can really make a big difference.”

Hard work pays off

Students were chosen to receive one of the donated laptops based on their hard work and adherence to the four College values of integrity, respect, teamwork and achievement.

“These students demonstrate everything that we expect at Glenroy College. They show up on time, they ask questions, they work hard, they respect their classmates and teachers and they do their absolute best, every day,” Ms Nelson said. “This is a reward to say ‘well done and keep it up’.”

Thanks to Lisa Nelson and the generous folk at Scientia Clinical Research for supporting our students and learning goals at Glenroy College.

“We are really pleased to be able to support Glenroy College by donating our IT hardware – knowing that it will be used to help the education of young Australians is a wonderful thing,” Ms Lisa Nelson said.

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