It was a special afternoon at Glenroy College last week when families gathered to celebrate the achievements of both our Year 12 graduating class and our top students from across the school.

It’s the first time families have been able to come together at Glenroy College to celebrate their children’s successes – and to farewell a Year 12 graduating class – since before the Covid pandemic threw the entire world into disarray back in 2020.

The best students from each level were recognised and rewarded for their hard work and dedication to learning during the year, while our brightest were also honoured with special awards, scholarships and cash prizes from outside organisations. And our Year 12 students also donned graduation gowns in Glenroy purple for a special farewell as they start their post-school lives.

Celebrating success at Glenroy College

Glenroy College principal Graham Stevenson address the Year 12 class of 2022

Principal Graham Stevenson told the crowd of students and their proud relatives that it had been a momentous year.

“Those of you who receive awards tonight have applied yourselves, displayed rigor and persistence, resulting in success. Your families should be proud of you and you should be proud of yourselves,” Mr Stevenson said.

He thanked families of the graduating Year 12 class for supporting their children through their secondary school journey at Glenroy.

“Research tells us that the stronger the partnership we can form with parents and carers, the better the outcomes. So we thank you for your support,” he said. “We also acknowledge our 2022 Year 12 students as they finish a significant chapter of their lives.

“Our vision as a school is to equip you with the knowledge, skills and dispositions for lifelong learning and to shape the world around you. I think you leave Glenroy College equipped to achieve this vision.”

Awards and scholarships honours list

Year 12 student Ali Khaled and Year 10 student Angus Simmons-Wood were joint worthy winners of the Australia Defence Force Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork award. This prize gives $550 to a Year 12 student and $250 to a Year 10 student who demonstrates leadership and teamwork at school , and who shows strong values that are central to the ethos of the ADF and Australian society, such as respect for others.

The ADF also granted a Future Innovators Award to two students who showed impressive progress in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). The Year 10 prize of $250 went to Bailey Lowe-Joyce, while Jordan Do received the $550 Year 12 prize.

Year 12 student Fatima Ali received the Ampol Best All-Rounder award and Year 10 student Sailesh Gautum was a worthy recipient of the Owan Turner Memorial Scholarship. Four students – Zak Chakdim, Yusuf Malik, Rami Yousif and Tenisha Thomas – shared the Lions Club of Glenroy Award,

Other awards went to our brightest and best art students, and to students who demonstrate College values of leadership and respect. Keep on reading to see the full list of winners.

Glenroy College 2022 Awards Honours List

Year 7 awards

English: Syreen Saleh

EAL: Acile Chaker

Maths: Ethan Vergara

Science: Sabirin Salim

Humanities: Zak Ternes

Digitech: Omar Taleb

Health & PE: Muhammad Mahad Ibrahim

Food Tech: Sabirin Salim

Textiles: Syreen Saleh

Woodwork: David Calnan

Art: Ethan Vergara   

Drama: Jackson Italia

Year 8 awards

English: Muhammad Khan

EAL: Jenina Oli

Maths: Fatemeh Mousavi

Science: Abu Bakr Abd Alhamid Rafea

Humanities: Abu Bakr Abd Alhamid Rafea

Digital Technology: Hayley Lazzaro

Food Technology: Hayley Lazzaro

Textiles: Fatemeh Mousavi

Art: Muhammad Khan

Drama: Jez Jones

Music: Moussa Mourad

Instrumental Music: Fatemeh Mousavi

Health & PE: Muhammad Khan

Year 9 awards

English: Aaminah Brookman

EAL: Diparshan Neupane

MYLNS: Moustafa Abou-Eid

Maths: Syed Muhammad Mohid Raza

Science: Diparshan Neupane

Humanities: Syed Muhammad Mohid Raza

Digital Technology: Aaminah Brookman

Food Technology: Ameera Hussein

Textiles: Jessica Alkhalaf

Woodwork: Tyler Polkinghorne

Art: Bahar Alihosseini

Drama: Foster Wright

Media: Bahar Alihosseini

Music: Fatima Ahmad

Instrumental Music: Josua Cavalevu Matanibukaca

Health & PE: Josua Cavalevu Matanibukaca

Year 10 awards

English: Emirhan Bigay

Foundation English: Alishba Tauseef

EAL: Banibal Zoumaya

MYLNS: Sailesh Gautam

Maths: Jamil Ayoubi

Science: Ashirya Oli

Biology: Bailey Lowe-Joyce

Chemistry: Sebastian Renaud

Forensic Science: Alishba Tauseef

Physics: Afdhil Abdul Cader

Psychology: Rowan Taylor

Business Management: Afdhil Abdul Cader

History: Rowan Taylor

Legal Studies: Alishba Tauseef

Digital Technology: Rowan Taylor

Woodwork: Afdhil Cader

Art: Alishba Tauseef

Drama: Alishba Tauseef

Media: Ashirya Oli

Physical Education: Nathan Stephenson

Year 11 awards

English: Kayla Harrison

Foundation English: Benjamin Clarke

EAL: Elian Youkhana

Maths: Ekrem Gulsen

Biology: Ibrahim Taha

Chemistry: Tenisha Thomas

Psychology: Dilhan Koch

Business Management: Kayla Harrison

History: Michael Habeeb

Legal Studies: Kayla Harrison

Digital Technology: Jouri Odicho

Food Technology: Rayane El Zaghir

Woodwork: Benjamin Clarke

Art: Nourhan Chaker

Health & Human Development: Kadija Allami

VCAL Literacy: Bonnie Darmanin

VCAL Numeracy: Jean Nott

VCAL Personal Development Skills: Layla Kassab

VCAL Work Related Skills: Shereen El Chami

Year 12 awards

English: Ali Khaled 

EAL: Rachel Alkhalaf 

Maths: Bernice Vergara 

Biology: Ali Khaled 

Psychology: Ali Khaled  

Business Management: Ali Khaled 

Legal Studies: Fatima Ali 

Food Technology: Prisha Mandri 

Art: Nurgul Agaoglu 

Media: Hind Kerhani 

Health & Human Development: Bronte Hood 

VCAL Literacy: Lajyane Mustapha 

VCAL Numeracy: Mohammad Latifi 

VCAL Personal Development Skills: Ashley D’Augello 

VCAL Work Related Skills: Jordan Do 

VCAL – Industry Excellence: Jordan Do 

Achievement awards

Library Excellence Award 

Omar Jammal 

Abu Bakr Alhamid Rafea 

Houssian Cheik 

Kenth Fernandez 

Insight English Award 

Kayla Harrison 

Scholarship Awards 

Mohammed Cheik 

Kayla Harrison 

Tenisha Thomas 

Liam Wright 

Australian Defence Future Innovators Award 

Bailey Lowe-Joyce 

Jordan Do 

Australian Defence Force – Leadership Award 

Angus Simmons-Wood 

Ali Khaled 

Anita Henna 

Lions Club of Glenroy Award 

Zak Chakdim 

Yusuf Malik 

Rami Yousif 

Tenisha Thomas 

Owan Turner Memorial Scholarship 

Sailesh Gautam

Joe Erjavec Art Achievement Award 

Ethan Vergara 

Alishba Tauseef 

Katina Miari Literacy Award 

Hamza-Youssef Mustafa 

Abdul Monhem Sarayah 

Mahmoud Taha 

Mohammed Cheik 

Lowes Outstanding Achievement Award 

Ethan Vergara 

George Adamopoulos 

Mohid Raza 

Sanadhee Ariyathilaka 

Ekrem Gulsen 

Ampol All-Rounder Award 

Fatima Ali 

Docherty Award 

Mohammad Latifi 

Prisha Mandri 

Kwong Lee Dow Award 

Alishba Tauseef 

Bailey Lowe-Joyce 

Congratulations again to all our student award winners and good luck to all our Year 12s. We wish you all the very best as you start your new lives away from Glenroy College.

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