Glenroy College held a special assembly earlier this term to recognise and celebrate our hardest working junior students and to introduce our 2023 College captains.

Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 gathered in the Performing Arts Centre to meet our school leaders and to discover which students are showing the most academic improvement and focus when it comes to classroom learning.

“One of our core College values here at Glenroy is achievement and these students demonstrate that every day through their hard work, their attention in class and the improvement in their academic output and results. We applaud their excellent efforts,” said Junior Sub School head Ryan Lok.

“Not only are your teachers very proud of your accomplishments, but you should be proud too. Keep up the good work.”

Keep on reading to see the full list of student winners.

Junior School award winners

Junior Glenroy College students receive awards for excellence

Year 7 recipients

Improved learning behaviours

Aqil Baig

Jordan Crepeau

Omar Ali

Reem Abou-eid

Ibrahim Asad

Ahmad Mustapha

Excellent learning behaviours

Reem Abou-eid

Essman Khoder

Liyana El-Cheikh Ibrahim

Rudra Nayak

Syed Ali Haider

Amira Najar Kassir

Jordan Crepeau


Year 8 recipients

Improved learning behaviours

Bakr Moustafa

BK Deshna

Lamar Hamed

Nuh Khan

Hama Mustapha

Rayaan Wani

Excellent learning behaviours

Nuh Khan

Rayaan Wani

Jackson Italia

David Calnan

BK Deshna

Jenna Bonfilglio

Mahad Ibrahim


Year 9 recipients

Improved learning behaviours

Zach Gionfriddo-Tadic

Omar Bamashmos

Jenina OIl

Lara Kefeli

Aya Taleb

Nauman Hanif

Amber Kaur

Annie Newland

Excellent learning behaviours

George Adamopolous

Jenina Oli

Keith Cooray

Yusuf Malik

Salam Nazzal

Abu Bakr Rafea

Meet your College leaders

College Principal Andrew Arney introduced this year’s School Captains. Stepping into the role for 2023 are Year 12 students Jouri Odicho and Kayla Harrison.

“These students demonstrate all the values of Glenroy College. They show integrity and respect with everything they do – in their dealings with their teachers and their peers. They set themselves goals, for learning and for life, and work incredibly hard to achieve them. And together, they will show you what is possible when you work as a team,” Mr Arney said.

“They are excellent role models for every student in this room. They are your student voice in this College, the ones that can take action to get things done, so let them know what you’re thinking.”


“Go talk to them about the things at our school that are important to you. One day, other students in this room will have the opportunity to captain our College too so watch this pair closely,” he said.

Year level student representatives

The assembly also introduced the Glenroy College year level student leaders for 2023.  These students will take on special responsibilities throughout year as they learn how to be good leaders. They will run special events and fundraising days at the College, with a focus on giving back to the school community. The students are:


Year 7

Abdul Arjan

Rudra Nayak

Amira Najar Kassir

Saliha Guler

Aymen Moustafa

Marcus Gionfriddo-Tadic

Year 8

Millie Dess

William D’avoine

Chris Clarke

Year 9

Abu Baker Raica

Hayley Lazzaro

Jez Jones

George Adamopoulos

Muhammed Khan



Year 10

Houssian Cheik

Foster Wright


Year 11

Sanadee Ariyathilaka

Angus Simmons-Woods

Bahaa Abdallah

Sailesh Gautam

Alishba Tauseef


Year 12

Teejay Sitagata

Jouri Odicho

Kayla Harrison

Benjamin Clarke

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