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Cert III Beauty Services

TRAINER : Amy Prenc

VET Co-ordinators : Ian Cook, Erin Edgely

Beauty Cert III Career pathways


Cruise ships

Day spas and hot springs

Training and assessing

Home studio

Salon employment

Cosmetic company Consultant

Study methods for Cert III


All units have both a practical and theory component to them. You will need to complete both the theory assessment and all practical assessments to be competent. You will be assessed in the practical activities more than once.



You are expected to complete theory homework and further reading at home in your own time, to ensure the course timeline is kept. You may also like to practice your new practical skills on friends and family!


Salon days

In order to complete the practical assessments we will have salon days. Family and friends are welcome to come and have services done for you to complete assessments. These days will run as if you are in a real workplace.

We are currently in the middle of renovating our new beauty classroom with:

Fresh paint and new flooring & All brand new equipment

We can’t wait to welcome students to their beautiful new space.

SHB30221 Certificate III in Beauty services : 1st year units

SHBBINF002 – Maintain infection control standards

SHBBMUP009 – Design and apply make-up

SHBBMUP010 – Design and apply make-up for photography

SHBBHRS010 – Provide waxing services

SHBBFAS004 – Provide lash and brow services

SHBXCCS007 – Conduct salon financial transactions

SHBXCCS008 – Provide salon services to clients

SHBXIND003 – Comply with organisational requirements within a personal services environment

SHBXCCS009 – Greet and prepare clients for salon services

Credit in VCE or VPC : These units equal 320 nominal hours and can provide recognition of VCE Units 1 and 2 level Students who successfully complete the 1st year of study may then progress into the 2nd year of study to complete the remaining 6 units in order to achieve the SHB30221 Certificate III in Make-up qualification.

SHB30221 Certificate III in Beauty services : 2nd year units

SHBBHRS010 – Provide waxing services (continuing)

SHBBNLS011 – Use electric file equipment for nail services

SHBBNLS007 – Provide manicure and pedicure services

SHBBCCS004 – Demonstrate retail skin care products

SHBBBOS007 – Apply cosmetic tanning products

SHBBCCS005 – Advise on beauty products and services

SIRXSLS001 – Sell to the retail customer

SIRXOSM002 – Maintain ethical and professional standards when using social media and online platforms

SHBBRES003 – Research and apply beauty industry information

Credit in VCE or VPC : These units equal 265 nominal hours and can provide recognition of VCE Units 3 and 4 level


You will receive a spa tunic in the first few weeks which you will be required to wear.

Black pants, jeans, track pants, skirt or shorts (below mid thigh).

Close-toed shoes must be worn to adhere to work safety requirements.