Student Support

Engagement & Wellbeing program

At Glenroy College we are committed to supporting the educational and personal developmental needs of all of our students. Our school is a wonderfully rich and vibrant environment, made up of many different students, staff and parents with unique personalities. We strive to meet the range of skills, knowledge, learning styles and needs of all these individual people.

Teaching at Glenroy College is much more than just being an educator. Each day our staff also counsel, mentor, mediate and advise our students. We know young people experience rapid growth during their teen years and we strive to meet their health, social, emotional and developmental needs during their time at Glenroy College.

We help our students gain knowledge and skills to empower their emotional development, nurture their ability to have healthy relationships, build their personal resilience and encourage their pursuit to attain characteristics that let them enjoy their time at school while becoming well-rounded adults.

Students are referred to the Wellbeing team for support and strategies to deal with their specific, individual issues. The team is committed to helping our students be successful, both at the college and in their lives outside our school.

Positive Behaviours



At Glenroy College we have a whole of school approach to Careers Development that reflects the Victorian Careers Curriculum framework. The aim of our Career Development program is to build student resilience by developing their knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours that are necessary to effectively manage lifelong learning and a successful career.

The services our Career’s team offer include:

  • A dedicated Careers and Pathways Centre
  • Career Development delivered to Year 7-12
  • Career Education integrated into all domain areas
  • Individual Career counselling
  • Career action planning

Glenroy College’s whole of school approach includes:

  • Year 7 & 8 – My Career Exploration
    Career exploration is an important step that students will take in their career journey. Designed as a series of activities, My Career Exploration will give students learning experiences in and beyond the classroom so they can find out more about themselves and the exciting world of work.
  • Year 9 – My Career Insights
    All year 9 students will be given access to the Morrisby Tool an online career discovery assessment. Analysis of their Morrisby career assessment will be provided through one-on-one career counselling by an external accredited career practitioner.
  • Year 10 – I plan
    Students focus on planning their Pathway to achieve broad career goals that offer a range of options. Students use their increased self-knowledge and deeper understanding of education and training requirements to inform these decisions.
  • Year 11 – I decide
    Students focus on confirming and managing their career action plan. This plan is designed to reflect the student’s current personal profile, including skills, abilities, attitudes and academic performance. Year 11 students explore and consolidate their knowledge of the labour market, further education and training requirements they need for their future career plan.
  • Year 12 – I apply
    Students will critically examine their career goals and have a sound knowledge of the requirements for their planned further education, training or employment choices. They will be aware of alternative pathways to achieve their preferred career and manage the application process required to successfully transition from Secondary Education.
  • Years 7 to 12 – My Career Portfolio
    An online resource that supports students to create and update an online career action plan, store files related their course and career planning and access links to current information and resources to support career and course exploration.

Co-curricular programs

Homework Club and Study Hall

Glenroy College runs a Homework Club for junior students and a Study Hall program for senior students twice a week . Every session starts with a snack and students receive study help from teachers and subject experts.

Breakfast Club

A free healthy breakfast is offered in the canteen every morning before school to Glenroy College students during term time. The menu includes cereal, cheese toasties, fresh fruit, milk and juice.

Instrumental Music Program

Students have the opportunity to learn an instrument at Glenroy College. Dedicated and experienced teachers offer lessons in drums, guitar, percussion, brass, woodwind, piano and voice. Music classes are conducted for students from years 7 to 12. More information is available from the general office.