At Glenroy College it is compulsory for all students to wear the correct school uniform. Our college community believes that wearing a uniform helps build pride in our school and conveys a positive image.

An official Glenroy College school blazer and tie is optional for everyday, but should be worn for formal college occasions, including award nights and certain excursions.

Sports uniforms, including runners, must only be worn on sports days. Black leather school shoes are compulsory on all other days.

A Glenroy College backpack is compulsory for all students from Years 7 to 9.


Where to buy

New uniform items can be purchased:

  • from Lowes Online uniform shop.
  • in person at Lowes, Broadmeadows Shopping Centre, Pascoe Vale Rd, Broadmeadows. You can call the store on 9309 6401 to check opening hours or sizing availability.

The college also has some good quality second hand uniform items for sale. Please contact the General Office.


Uniform tops

  • School dress (min length just above knee)
  • Purple jumper with College logo
  • White short-sleeve shirt with College logo
  • White long-sleeve shirt with College logo
  • Black all-weather jacket with College logo
  • Blazer (optional, pictured far right)

Uniform bottoms

  • School skirt (minimum length just above knee)
  • School dress (minimum length just above knee)
  • Black long pants with College logo
  • Black shorts with College logo

Uniform accessories

  • White or black hijab
  • Leather school shoes
  • Black socks with pants
  • White socks with shorts/ dresses
  • Black tights
  • School tie (pictured below with jacket)
  • School backpack (optional)
Glenroy College uniform with blazer

Sports uniform

  • Polo top in College colours
  • Black shorts with College logo
  • Black track pants with College logo
  • Runners with sports uniform only