An introduction from the Principal

Glenroy College is committed to supporting the individual growth and development of each of our students who are drawn from the local areas of Glenroy, Hadfield, Broadmeadows, Pascoe Vale and Dallas. This work is led by the Principal, Graham Stevenson, and a team of three Assistant Principals, two Leading Teachers and three Learning Specialists.

Glenroy College was formed just over 20 years ago in 2010, when Box Forest College was created as part of a local educational re-structure. Five local schools – Glenroy Technical School, Hadfield High School, Glenroy High School, Oak Park High School and Moomba Park Secondary School – all merged with the aim to provide quality education to the students in the area. In 2020, the College completed a significant rebuild of teaching and learning facilities, due to be officially opened in 2021.

The College is organised into Junior Subschool with Years 7, 8 and 9 and Senior Subschool with Years 10, 11 and 12. Each Subschool has a senior Student Manager, Year Level Leaders and admin support staff. The Senior Subschool is further supported with a Careers Educator and VCAL Leader to complement the VCE options available at the College. In each of the year levels, skilled professionals develop and deliver differentiated teaching designed to support the learning of all our students, including tutoring of students with learning needs and exposure to a range of intra and extra-curricular activities for High Ability students. Students with an interest in leadership are invited to be a part of the Student leadership team, with class captains in the Junior Subschool and College Leaders, including College Captains, in the Senior Subschool. The College supports a range of Arts, Technology and Sports, with activities provided at lunch times, in classes and after school.

Aspiring Together positively influences the work we do in our classrooms and in our community – we work together to provide the very best learning and personal growth opportunities for each of our students. We celebrate and welcome diversity in our community – students and families from backgrounds of different cultures, religions and languages, students from non-nuclear families, students with a proud link to the indigenous culture of our country and those who choose to live in the area and work to make our community what it is. Glenroy College thrives on our connectedness with our diverse and engaging community.

Our College values: Achievement, Respect, Integrity and Team work underpin everything we do and reflects our rich history that spans over the many decades.