Glenroy College is committed to improving the mathematics skills of all our students. In Years 7-9, students take part in the Maths Pathway learning program. The Maths Pathway program builds skills at the point of need by assigning individualised learning modules to every student. Students then apply these skills in rich learning tasks that engage them in class-wide problem solving activities. This approach to numeracy in the junior years prioritises individual student growth and allows lessons to be differentiated to meet the needs of all students. It means high-performing students are not held back and lower-performing students are not left behind.

In Years 7-10, students undertake On Demand standardised testing. This is used with diagnostic data from Maths Pathway to help teachers plan teaching sequences. This practice is ground in a broader goal to ensure student data informs the teaching of numeracy at the College.

Glenroy College has also successfully introduced the Victorian Government’s Middle Years Literacy and Numeracy Support initiative (MYLNS). In 2021, some students in Years 8 and 10 (identified by assessment data) will receive targeted teaching support in pursuit of improved numeracy achievement outcomes.