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School tours

Glenroy College holds small guided tours for prospective students and families during Term One and Term Two. The tours give you a chance to meet some of our staff and students, view our college facilities and see our classes in action. Bookings are essential.

School tours can also be arranged at other times. If your child is currently enrolled in Grade 6, and you have a specific query regarding school programs or Year 7 2022 Transition, please contact the college office, 9304 0400.

To find out if Glenroy College is your closest neighbourhood school, visit the State Government’s Find My School website.


Year 7

If your child is currently in Grade 6 at a Government primary school and due to start high school next year, an ‘Application for Enrolment’ form will be distributed via your child’s primary school in April. The school will tell you by which date you must submit the form. No other paperwork is required.

If your child attends an independent primary school, you can contact our office for more information about enrolling at Glenroy College.

If your child is accepted for enrolment into Year 7 at Glenroy College, you will be invited to attend a special enrolment meeting in Semester Two. Your child will be officially enrolled at this meeting and you will receive important information regarding books, Educational Maintenance Allowance and uniforms.

Year 8-12

Students who are currently enrolled in another secondary school (government or independent) can apply to transfer to Glenroy College. The process starts with completing an online enquiry form.

Once we receive your enrolment enquiry, we will contact you about the next steps in the process.

International students





At Glenroy College it is compulsory for all students to wear the correct school uniform. Our college community believes that wearing a uniform helps build pride in our school and conveys a positive image.

An official Glenroy College school blazer and tie is optional for everyday, but should be worn for formal college occasions, including award nights and certain excursions.

Students should wear summer uniform in Terms 1 and 4 and winter uniform in Terms 2 and 3. Sports uniforms, including runners, must only be worn on sports days. Black leather school shoes are compulsory on all other days.

A Glenroy College backpack is compulsory for all students from Years 7 to 9.

The college has some good quality second hand uniform items for sale. Please contact the General Office.

New uniform items can be purchased:

  • from Lowes Online uniform shop.
  • in person at Lowes, Broadmeadows Shopping Centre, Pascoe Vale Rd, Broadmeadows. You can call the store on 9309 6401 to check opening hours or sizing availability.

Girls’ summer uniform

  • School dress (minimum length just above knee)
  • Purple jumper with College logo
  • White knee-high socks or black tights
  • Blazer (optional)

Girls’ winter uniform

  • School skirt (minimum length just above knee)
  • Black long pants with College logo
  • White school shirt with College logo
  • Black outerwear jacket with College logo
  • School tie (optional)
  • Blazer (optional)
  • Alternate girls’ uniform for religious reasons
  • Ankle length school dress with long sleeves
  • White or black hijab

Boys’ summer uniform

  • Black pants or shorts with College logo
  • White short-sleeve shirt with College logo
  • Purple jumper with College logo
  • White socks with shorts; black socks with pants
  • School tie (optional)
  • Blazer (optional)

Boys’ winter uniform

  • Black pants with College logo
  • White long-sleeve shirt with College logo
  • Purple jumper with College logo
  • Black socks with leather school shoes
  • Black outerwear jacket with College logo
  • School tie (optional)
  • Blazer (optional)

Sports uniform

  • Polo top in College colours
  • Black shorts with College logo
  • Black tracksuit pants with College logo


At Glenroy College, we pride ourselves on providing an exciting and stimulating learning environment that meets the needs of all our students, encourages them to explore their passions and to contribute positively to society. 

We would like to provide an opportunity for our community to share in our success by offering College Scholarships that support worthy students in realising their educational and social goals. 

The College values of Achievement, Respect, Integrity and teamwork signal to students that we provide them with every opportunity to reach their personal potential in an environment that promotes excellence, teamwork, leadership and unqualified respect for all individuals. 

Scholarships open each year and are available in the following categories:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Leadership
  • Visual / Performing Arts
  • Sport 

Applications for 2024 Scholarships are now open and can be found at this link. Applications close on October the 20th 2023 at 4pm, with shortlisted applicants invited for an interview with College Principal, Andrew Arney in December.