A global pandemic, tough lockdowns, snap school closures and the return of remote learning. The challenges certainly stacked up for Glenroy College students this year. But despite all the obstacles, our students have finished 2021 in impressive style. And this week, it’s time to say ‘well done’.

The achievements of our remarkable contingent of students were celebrated in a special assembly in the PAC earlier this week. The top students from each level were recognised and rewarded for their hard work and dedication to learning during the year. And our brightest and best students were also honoured with a slew of special awards, scholarships and cash prizes from outside organisations.

“Each student in this room have achieved more than an award – you have shown resilience, perseverance and integrity by adapting to extreme circumstances,” Assistant Principal Lidia Tizian told students. “You should be proud of your achievements.”

The Glenroy College Honours list

The awards, which were live-streamed to parents, included a series of special accolades to celebrate Glenroy College students who demonstrate leadership and academic excellence. This year’s recipients came from the senior school ranks, with the Year 12 cohort largely scooping the awards pool, in recognition of their resilience and hard work in the most trying of circumstances.

Year 12 student Jalin Ochana received the Principal’s Excellence Award, while her Year 12 classmate Ali Arbaboun was the recipient of the overall Blandthorn Award for Excellence, sponsored by Pascoe Vale MP Lizzie Blandthorn.

Jalin was also a worthy winner of the Australia Defence Force Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork award, a $550 prize granted to students who demonstrate leadership and teamwork at school , and who show strong values that are central to the ethos of the ADF and Australian society, such as respect for others. Year 10 student Teejay Sitagata received the Year 10 ADF Long Tan Youth prize of $250.

The ADF also granted a Future Innovators Award to two students who showed impressive progress in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). The Year 10 prize of $250 went to Ekrem Gulsen, while Mohsin Khan received the $550 Year 12 prize.

Year 12 student Moshin Khan received the Ampol Best All-Rounder award, Year 12 student Kayla Harrison was chosen for the Lions Club of Glenroy Award, students Ali Khaled and Mariam El Hawli were worthy recipients of the Owan Turner Memorial Scholarship.

Other awards went to our brightest and best art students, and to students who demonstrate College values of leadership and respect. Keep on reading to see the full list of winners.

Year 7 award winners

English: Alex Lara 

EAL: Fatemah Mousavi 

Maths: Fatemah Mousavi 

Science: George Adamopoulos 

Humanities: Nauman Hanif  

Digitech: Duygu Korkmaz  

Health & PE: Amelia El-Cheikh Ibrahim 

Food Tech: Hayley Lazzaro 

Textiles: Yusuf Malik 

Woodwork: Kai Atkin  

Art: Hafzah Sharifukhan   

Drama: Duygu Korkmaz  

Languages: George  Adamopoulos 

Year 8 award winners

Year 8 Glenroy College award winners 2021

English: Rafik Rabah

EAL: Aqil Arshad

MYLNS: Houssian Cheik

Maths: Diparshan Neupane

Science: Diparshan Neupane

Humanities: Rafik  Rabah

Digitech: Diparshan Neupane

Food Tech: Aqil Arshad

Textiles: Jessy Alkhalaf

Art: Mohamad Abou-Eid

Drama: Rami Yousif

Music: Ryan Taylor

Languages: Ali Mahmoud

Health & PE: Mohamad Abou-Eid

Year 9 award winners

Glenroy College Year 9 award winners 2021

English: Mohammed Taleb 

EAL: Bahaa Abdallah 

Maths: Mohammed Taleb  

Science: Alishba Tauseef 

Humanities: Alishba Tauseef 

Digitech: Alishba Tauseef 

Food Tech: Angus Simmons-Woods  

Woodwork: Mohammed Taleb  

Art: Linda Kheir 

Drama: Lara Ramaihi 

Media: Mohammed Taleb 

Languages: Mohammed Taleb   

Health & PE: Mohammed Taleb 

Year 10 award winners

Glenroy College Year 10 award winners 2021

English: Asmat Allouche 

EAL: Ghanem Al Charif  

MYLNS: Muhamed El-Makabawi 

Maths: Berelian Daghagheleh 

Biology: Tenisha Thomas  

Chemistry: Ekrem Gulsan 

Psychology: Dilhan Koch 

Business Management: Kenneth Fernandez 

History: Dilhan Koch  

Legal Studies: Berelian Daghagheleh 

Digitech: Jouri Odicho 

Food Tech: Tenisha Thomas 

Woodwork: Jean Nott 

Art: Noah Samakovski 

Creative Art: Kayla Harrison  

Drama: Teejay Sitigata 

Media: Chloe Atkin 

Music: Kenneth Fernandez 

Health & PE: Noah Samakovski 

Year 11 award winners

Glenroy College Year 11 award winners 2021

English: Hashir Hameedi

EAL: Ryan Wang

Maths: Ryan Wang

Biology: Ryan Wang

Chemistry: Ryan Wang

Physics: Ryan Wang

Psychology: Ali Khaled

Business management: Ali Khaled

Legal Studies: Abdul-Wahab El-Kassar 

Media: Abdul-Wahab El-Kassar 

Health & Human Development: Ali Khaled 

VCAL Literacy: Mohamed Saraya 

VCAL Numeracy: Jordan Do 

VCAL Personal Development Skills: Jordan Do 

VCAL Work Related Skills: Khadija Ali 

VCAL Industry Excellence: Jordan Do 

Year 12 award winners

Year 12 Glenroy College award winners 2021

English: Mohsin Khan  

EAL: Jalin Ochana 

Maths Methods: Muhammad Farooq 

Further Maths: Mohsin Khan: 

Biology: Amal Alnakoula 

Chemistry: Muhammad Farooq 

Psychology: Jalin Ochana: 

Business Management: Mohammad Sidiki  

Legal Studies: Jennifer Morah 

VCAL Literacy: P Koichai   

VCAL Numeracy: P Koichai   

VCAL Personal Development Skills: Adem Gelal 

VCAL Work Related Skills: P Koichai   

VCAL Achievement Award: Adem Gelal 

Student leadership awards

Year 7

Yusuf Malik 

Ahmad Baltagie 

Amelia El Cheik Ibrahim 

Amberpreet Kaur 

Amor Assad 

George Adamopoulos 

Omar Saoud 

Year 8

Ryan Taylor 

Josh Matanibukaca 

Reza Dhaimi 

Youssif Toufic

Aqil Arshad

Rayann El-Hawli 

Dylan Di Domenico

Ahmed Taha 

Year 9

Alishba Tauseef 

Meaz Saleh

Aya Yehia 

Badriyah El Say ed  

Mohammed Taleb 

Sebastian Renaud

Year 10

Issa Khoder 

Berelian Daghagheleh 

Teejay Sitigata 

Year 11

Trent Enright 

Cecile Telefoni  

Mariam Elhawli 

Ryan Wang 

Fatima Elsayed 

Fatima Taleb 

Amar Arnaout  

Year 12

Jalin Ochana  

Vansh Sharma 

Muhammad Farooq  

Amal Alnakoula  

Isaac Ibbetson 

Stephanie Toma  

Balakprakash Udhayakumar 

Library top readers award

Year 7: Ezrah Niko-Schmidt 

Year 8: Mohid Raza  

Year 9: Kenth Fernandez 

Year 10: Muhamed El-Makabawi 

More awards

Australian Defence Force (ADF) Future Innovators award

Year 10: Ekrem Gulsen

Year 12: Mohsin Khan

Australian Defence Force (ADF) Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork award

Year 10: Teejay Sitagata

Year 12: Jalin Ochana

Lions Club of Glenroy award

Kayla Harrison

Docherty award

Muhammad Farooq

Amal Alnakoula

Academic Achievement award

Amani Ali

Lizzie Blandthorn Award of Excellence

Ali Arbaboun

Principal’s Award of Excellence

Jalin Ochana

Ampol Best All Rounder award

Mohsin Khan

Owan Turner Memorial Scholarship

Mariam El Hawli

Ali Khaled

Joe Erjavec Art Achievment award

Jean Nott

Linda Kheir

Noah Samakovski

Lowes ‘Respect’ award

Jez Jones 

Zachariah Gionfriddo-Tadic 

Jessy Alkhalaf 

Ryan Taylor 

Alishba Tauseef 

Angus Simmonds-Woods 

Ben Clarke 

Natasha Tarallo 

Evana Toma 

Ammar Hammoud 

‘You are all worthy’

Junior Subschool Manager Andrew Lewis told the students they had performed admirably under tough circumstances.

“You, the kids in this hall, represent the best of our student cohort. Your resilience, grit and persistence are incredible and your ability to push yourselves into fifth gear this year to thrive instead of survive deserves this recognition today,” Mr Lewis told the assembled students.

“Whether you excelled in individual subjects, as all-rounders, as students willing to engage in co-curricular activities or as our student leaders, you are all worthy of the awards you have received today.”

Mr Lewis also thanked the award sponsors, including the Glenroy Lions Club, retailer Lowes, local MP Lizzie Blandthorn, the Ampol Foundation and one of Glenroy College’s own – textiles teacher Sintija Erjavec – for providing generous cash prizes and vouchers to the students.

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