Learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom at Glenroy College. Sometimes the most important lessons come when our teachers take students away from their books and computers and head out into the great big world.

Helping our students develop and improve their critical learning skills away from the classroom is an important function of our Glenroy College excursion program. Plus, creating opportunities to bond with classmates and teachers away from school is a lot of fun. Here are some of the places our students visited with their teachers during Term Two.

Strike action

Year 10 students put their best bowling feet forward during a fun day out as a reward for excellent behaviour. A total 19 students hit up a bowling alley in Keon Park with Year 10 level leader Andrew Barry and other teachers. And it wasn’t all just gutter balls – some of our Glenroy College students have some serious ten pin bowling skills!

“It was a celebration of good behaviour in Term One,” Mr Barry said. “The students had a great time. And yes, they beat me.”

Courting success

Glenroy College netball team

Glenroy College students also displayed some rather impressive skills on the netball court. Our Year 9 and Year 10 girls faced off against teams from other local secondary colleges in a Term Two inter-school netball competition at Coburg stadium. The team won a game, lost a game and then tied a game. Not bad odds, especially because the team was down a player. Well done, girls! You made your netball coach Zoe Wilson (pictured top with students) proud!

School’s a beach

Our Year 7 cohort swapped their usual classroom for a trilogy of surf, sand and sea air during a pre-winter excursion to Altona Beach. The students learnt about water safety from Life Saving Victoria and even tried a little surfing. And of course, it’s not a visit to the beach unless you try to bury at least one classmate in the sand. We’re happy to report the sand-encrusted student made it back onto the bus in time for the return to Glenroy.

Tag Team antics

Now it’s over to the Glenroy College senior school and our Year 11 students who spent a fun day out in Melbourne. They toured the sights, tackled some ten pin bowling and chased each other around a darkened room all in the name of team building. There were no maths equations or scientific formulas in the laser tag arena, but our senior students still learnt some very important lessons to help them tackle VCE. Lessons like the power of working as a team, the importance of concentration and focus to get things done … and why having a plan of attack is always a good idea, whether defending yourself against marauding classmates or studying for a SAC!

Year 9 goes bush

Year 9 students spent two nights in the beautiful bush surrounds of Doxa Youth Camp at Malmsbury recently. And what an experience! The 19 students – and their teachers – stepped outside of their comfort zones to tackle high ropes, archery, a stomach-lurching giant swing and some leg-achingly long bush walks. And by the tired eyes and yawns on faces when the bus returned – including on maths teacher and Junior Subschool Manager Andrew Lewis – we’re certain camp attendees had a giant stack of fun, but not much sleep! Students who didn’t attend the camp shared some fun activities here at school, including a cook-your-own-breakfast morning, crafting and a movie afternoon.

Girl power

Our Year 10 girls explored the marvellous world of trades as part of our intensive College careers program to help students find the best pathway for them beyond secondary school. The Young Women in Trades expo, held for the first time in 2022, is a State Government initiative to encourage young women to consider a career in traditionally male-dominated industries.

Twelve very keen students attended the event with Year 10 Level Leader Andrew Barry and Glenroy College career experts Ian Cook and Nicole Pilelo. The students found out what it takes to pursue a career in a trade like plumbing, building, mechanics, electrical engineering and so much more.

Ms Pilelo (pictured above right with students) said the expo was an eye-opener for many of the girls and gave them some new ideas for future career options.

“They really enjoyed it,” she said. “They asked plenty of questions and really engaged with the presenters to find out as much as they could about the things that interested them. They were really proud of themselves and we were really proud of them too.”

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