Glenroy College is about to take a digital leap into the future with a brand new STEM computer lab for students.

Federal MP Peter Khalil visited last week to tell students that more than $32,000 has been earmarked to help upgrade old computer and technology equipment as part of a revamp of the College’s digital design lab to create a modern learning space.

Glenroy College will receive the grant money after the May 21 Federal election, the Member for Wills said. The College will use the money to buy 24 new computers as well as computer peripherals and robotics equipment for digital design and technology students.

Other money has already been allocated in the College budget to redesign the space and transform it into an inspiring digital learning zone for students.

Learning opens your world

Mr Khalil met with senior school leaders and digital technology students to deliver the good news.

“I saw the room, I see the work that needs to be done. We need to evict Donatello,” he joked, referring to the College’s popular turtle which lives in a tank in the Science Technology wing.

“On that basis, I’m announcing today, officially, $32,490 for Glenroy College to set up your STEM lab – and new computers as well. It’s important to improve the facilities here, but it’s just the beginning.

“I’m looking forward to coming back and seeing what it looks like when it’s all set up and seeing you guys in action.”

Find your potential

Mr Khalil told students that getting an education was the key to their future success. He urged students to make the most of every learning opportunity and to give back to their community when they could.

‘That learning? It opens up your potential as a person. That pathway, where you’re given an opportunity really makes a big difference,” he said.

Mr Khalil told students he grew up in a housing commission property and his migrant parents had little money, but it didn’t impact his ability to learn and to achieve.

“Despite all of those obstacles, with that education and with that pathway, we had a real opportunity to achieve things and do well. And my parents also used to say ‘make sure you give something back to Australia because it’s given us such an opportunity,” he said. “Despite the difficulties, make sure you make a contribution to your community and your society.”

A modern learning space

Glenroy College principal Graham Stevenson welcomed the news.

“This is really important, not just for the senior students here today but for all our other students, moving into the future,” Mr Stevenson said.

“Creating a learning space where our teaching staff can help students flourish and achieve their learning goals is key to the future of Glenroy College.”

News of the grant to improve STEM facilities at the College comes after the opening of new junior and senior learning spaces earlier in 2022.